How to make a reservation?

You can check the seats availability, and please fill in the required items to make a reservation on the website.
*Please select "Kaiseki Cuisine Full Course" according to the amount of people.

Is there a dress code policy? What would be acceptable attire?

There is no dress code required.
Please wear anything you like.

We are a family of 4 with 2 kids. Are they allowed in this restaurant?

We are terribly sorry, but we do not have a course for the children. Children who are incapable of eating a full course are not allowed to enter for that reason.
Please refrain from using children under high school.
It's not a problem if your children eat a full course of food for adults.

Is it possible to change the reservation date?

Changes can be made if there are vacant seats. Please cancel your reservation on the website and then create it again. If you are unsure how to cancel, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Is this restaurant wheelchair accessible?

We will help you enter the restaurant in a wheelchair, so please let the staff know. The width of the entrance aisle is approximately 80 centimeters, so you may experience some inconvenience when entering the store.

Can I make a booking for 8 people?

We are terribly sorry, we have maximum 5 seating at a table in Chef’s counter and maximum 6 chairs in the private dining room.

Do you take cashless payment?

We take Cash and credit card payment at the restaurant.
Advanced payment for the course menu is necessary.

I have celiac disease. Do you have gluten free option?

We usually use soy sauce containing a very small amount of wheat.
We are sorry to say that there will be costs for Special care for gluten allergies to remove this soy sauce.
Please pay the fee (2000 yen) at the restaurant.
We will serve the gluten free dishes for you and use clean cookware, I feel very sorry to ask you this but we take no responsibility if a problem occurs.